Variations on the Trolley
Multichannel video-audio installation, 35min 35sec, looped, 2016.
Processing based on Java and Supercollider is used for converting the data of this piece.

see the video

Blank but familiar repetitions, the variations found in themVariations on the Trolley is derived from the visual and acoustic perspective of my commute from Ballard to U-District in Seattle as a resident, but still a stranger. To find subtle differences in my routine, as all my movements on the identical route, like stopping before the same traffic lights and turning the steering wheel with same strength on the same intersection, repeated, I placed a pair of electrodes on my arm and wired them to EMG(Electromyogram). This instrument measured the data from my muscle’s activity while a single camera simultaneously recorded the top view of the route. In the installation Variations on the Trolley, we can hear various notes that were converted from recorded EMG data , as well as find particular differences that coincide as if synchronized in the routine track.

Still images from the video