Natural Individuals_VR
VR Experience interacting with viewer's Gaze, 3d Sound, VR Headsets, Mobile applications

more about this work
Natural Individuals is a multimedia installation with integrated VR and sculpture experience. Through this exhibition, spatial characteristics of one’s collecting behavior were focused, and part of the lost identity of the collected object due to the spatial movement was explored. Cabinet of curiosities (known as Wunderkammer in German) were prevalent in 17th century in Europe. These were an individual’s collection room filled with objects such as music instruments, art pieces, mysterious things from exotic locations, marine animal skeletons, gemstones, plants, and fruits in a disorderly fashion. These private collection rooms, which are thought to be the origin of today's art museums, were a way to get one's identity socially recognized. As opposed to the systematic classification methods that modern museums have, individuals who have an object with the most ambiguous uses or indefinable purposes in these curiosity spaces received the most attention. I was fascinated by Cabinets of curiosities because of its spatial ambiguity (hard to define whether the room was private or public space) and the irony that one needed to be socially recognized to define one’s identity. In this respect, a private pond is a metaphor that helps us to contextualize the ambivalent spatial characteristics. It has characteristics of being both public and private space or being neither. The viewers can experience a virtual pond by wearing the Cardboard Headset placed next to the actual pond in the gallery space. Installation View