Natural Individuals_3D printing
Photogrammetric modeling from online image search engine, Generative sculpture printed with 3D printer

Sculptures displayed on shelves along the gallery walls are a collection generated by searching an object with keywords on the internet and acquiring filtered images of the object. These images are then converted into 3D data through the photogrammetric process, and the 3D data are printed. When we think about an object, we often have prejudiced images. These can be specific characteristics of an object or images of an object from a particular angle that help us to identify images as a particular object. And images with what we believe as sufficient information gets published on the web. We then learn the object again based on the crucial yet generalized information on the web. The sculptures in this exhibition reveal the insignificant morphological information of a particular object that was lost on the web. A ladybug that has one side of its body, ammonites that still have its patterns but lots its three-dimensionality, and a conch shell that has a free form except for the three horns located at specific positions are examples.

Natural Individuals Feb14-Mar27 at the Jack Straw New Media Gallery -- Press release

Generative sculpture process images

Gallery Installation View