Highland Park at 4:00pm - Stranger
Video Projection with Sound, 6min 33sec, looped, 2013.

Every day at 4:00 pm I visited a park in Pittsburgh, PA and took video from slightly different angles. During this exercise I unexpectedly encountered the same people at the same time day after day. Some of them were there every day while others were only there two or three days a week. Nobody told us to show up every day at the same time and do the same things. There was an old man who walked across my video frame from left to right, he had white hair and wore a leather jacket and sunglasses. There was a man who was always on his phone animated and speaking loudly. Finally there was tall woman who wore a long, black jacket and circled the reservoir six times. Each day we appeared at the same time as the previous day, we shared our time, Highland Park at 4:00pm became a communal time and space for us. The video conveys the experience of sharing that time and space.

see the video of this work