Confronting Us(2014) - process

"It’s a place between boxes.
I don’t feel female and I don’t feel male.I don’t have that identity and take on that identity.
....And, I feel, I feel pretty, I feel pretty lost.
Cause I'm not sure who I can talk to or who'll listen to me..."

-in the interview with Gillian, 11.22.2013

"Everything lives and dies
I’m not in a hurry to die but someday I would want to say “That enough, I’ve had enough”"

-in the interview with Martha, 11.17.2013

"My mother always looks illusion, not real. She is living in her own world.
I want to communicate with her, in my life. That's all."

-in the interview with Alison, 4.28.2014

I have been listening to 19 volunteers by April, 2014.

see the selected interviewees' videos

Gillian, HDTV, single channel video, sound, 3min 28sec

Paula, HDTV, single channel video, sound, 3min 29sec

Rui, HDTV, single channel video, sound, 2min 27sec